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A little bit of history...

Winter School in Abstract analysis has a long tradition. It was founded in 1973 by Z. Frolík in the difficult circumstances of post '68 Czechoslovakian mathematics. In a situation where contacts with mathematicians abroad were severely restricted and travel to western conferences was virtually impossible the school was meant to be a meeting where mathematicians could enjoy mathematics (and also skiing and winter sports) at least temporarily free from the pressure of the outside world. Although the first year had seen only participants from Czechoslovakia, the school quickly became an international meeting. Already in the second year mathematicians from Poland joined the meeting and in 1976 the first transatlantic participant, professor William Weiss from Canada took part.

Because of growing interest the school had split in 1978 into two separate sections: Analysis and Topology. The first section, which is traditionally held one week befor the second, focuses on real, complex and functional analysis and uniform spaces. The second one, as its title suggests, focuses on General topology, Set Theory and measure theory. Needles to say, the areas of interest overlap and the set of participants of both sections is not always empty.

Traditionally, the school is an informal meeting where emphasis is put on the joy of doing mathematics. Questions and discussions are welcome and there is plenty of space for them outside of the talks.

See B. Balcar, P. Simon: 25 Years of Winter School on Abstract Analysis, Acta Universitatis Carolinae, 1997

Past Meetings

1973–1977 Štefanová, Slovakia; 1978 Michlův mlýn; 1979 Strážné; 1980 Moravská bouda; 1981–1983 Srní; 1984 Železná ruda; 1985–1991 Srní; 1992 Harrachov; 1993–1995 Poděbrady; 1996 Lhota pod Rohanovem; 1997 Křišťanovice; 1998–2001 Zahrádky; 2002–2003 Litice u České Lípy; 2004 Doksy u České Lípy; 2005 Raspenava; 2007 Hejnice; 2008 Hejnice; 2009 Hejnice; 2010 Hejnice; 2011 Hejnice; 2012 Hejnice; 2013 Hejnice; 2014 Hejnice; 2015 Hejnice; 2016 Hejnice; 2017 Hejnice; 2018 Hejnice; 2019 Hejnice; 2020 Hejnice; 2022 Hejnice; 2023 Štěkeň; 2024 Hejnice.