Winter School in Abstract Analysis 2023

section Set Theory & Topology

, 2023

This year in Štěkeň Chateau!

Photo of Clinton Conley
Clinton Conley Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
Photo of Vera Fischer
Vera Fischer University of Vienna, Austria
Photo of Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska University of Wrocław, Poland;
University of Münster, Germany
Photo of Assaf Rinot
Assaf Rinot Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
Group photo of the participants of the WS 2023

See you next year…

Jan 27Feb 3, 2024

in Hejnice!


The Winter School is a traditional conference for mathematicians working in diverse areas of Set Theory, Topology and Analysis. The school is a meeting where emphasis is put on the joy of doing mathematics. Questions and discussions are welcome and there is plenty of space for them outside of the talks.

The meeting aims to be a meeting for both experienced researchers as well as advanced students who are most welcome to not only participate but to also present their work.

The program is split into a tutorial part and a research part. The tutorial part consists of a series of lectures delivered by the invited speakers. The tutorials are meant to be accessible to students and non-experts. The research part consists of presentations of research papers/problems from the area of Set Theory, Set Theoretic Topology, Measure Theory and related fields.

The Analysis section of the Winter School also has a website.