Getting there

The conference starts with dinner on Saturday evening. Arrangements will be made for a bus to take the participants from Prague to the conference center and back.

Conference center

The school will take place at the Education and Conference Centre located in a 17th century Franciscan monastery in the small town of Hejnice. The town lies in the wonderful border region of Jizerske hory, surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature providing ample oportunities for walking & exploring.

The conference center provides lodging in double rooms. It has a lecture hall for up to 65 people equiped with a dataprojector and a blackboard. Wireless internet connection is also available as is a public access computer in the large library. The reception of the center may be reached at the following telephone number +420 482 360 222. There is also a webcam showing the monastery and the weather forecast for Hejnice.

The Town of Hejnice

The history of Hejnice is tightly interwoven with the history of the pilgrim church. Its existence, according to legend, goes back to the year 1211. The place was known for the miraculous healing effects of water from the nearby Libverda springs. In 1692 count F. Gallas founded a Franciscan monastery next to the church. In the 16th century several important steel mines were opened in the neiboring country and in the 19th century several textile manufacturies appeared in the town and surrounding villages.

Nowdays the Hejnice town is a part of the Nisa Euroregion and is seeing a renewal of its importance as a place of pilgrimage.